lumber limbs

by qariaq

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released September 6, 2019

written by esther cg
recorded, performed and produced by esther cg and paul stallan
outro to severn written and recorded by paul stallan
drums on follicle full by dan johnson and recorded by darken engineering
drums on severn by oli cocup and recorded by darken engineering
mixed by paul stallan
mastered by darken engineering
artwork by esther cg


all rights reserved



qariaq Bristol, UK

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Track Name: made by walking
there are no
other words
to crawl out my throat
and get twisted and choked
around your fingers

there are no
other times
where i could get lost
in the places i find are most familiar
in the places i find are most familiar
in the places i'm lost are most familiar
in the places i find are most familiar
Track Name: follicle full
take my brain and you will stick it on your wall
i'll walk around with a hollow skull
follicles full of fingernails i am still picking out out
get out outoutoutoutout

i went a whole night without blinking
and then i went to sleep for a year and a
day and night cycles tend to
break over my back
break break


i went a whole day without filling up my wooden lungs
won't show my tissue paper skin to the last of the sun
keep my spine wrapped around this familiar room
night and day cycles break while my skull is hollow
Track Name: lumber limbs
if you cut my limbs off
you will find
twenty five rings of
old and tangled years
twisted knots
that hands will knead from my

back up and back out

if you wring me out
save the water
that falls and leaves me brittle
drink up, drink deeply
drink me down again

if you cut my limbs off
you will find
twenty six lines and
roots push up the ground
slow moving through
cracks begin to show
Track Name: severn


steady restless one
i’m mourning for what’s not yet gone
the daylight
the numbers
the sundown
it’s burning

i will sleep enough for the both of us
i will grow my hair because it makes me louder
i’ll look at the sun because it makes me softer
i’ll lie in the salt because she sees me clearer

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